Agras Pet Foods, a company established in 1986 as Agras Delic S.p.A., was born with the aim of bringing quality into the pet food segment, the formulation, production processes and the finished product. This was a highly innovative concept at that time; in Italy domestic animals were fed primarily with "scraps from the table" while pet food, that is industrial food for cats and dogs, was in its infancy and was an entirely new food concept. From careful observation of the behaviour of many animal owners and the animals themselves, which were increasingly becoming an integral part of the family, it seemed clear that this was a market that also had space for high quality products.
The company has never looked back from this objective in more than 30 years of operations.  And now it has decided to change its name into Agras Pet Foods and create a new logo that makes it immediately recognisable within sphere of operations. On its 30th birthday, the company wanted to give the market a sign of renewal by profoundly restyling the company logo, which expresses modernity and the international success achieved over the years.

This objective is being pursued by establishing strategic partnerships with the best producers of pet food in the world, selected with care following in-depth research and appraisal in order to bring the best products onto the market. Appraisals are based essentially on 3 elements: innovation, quality and safety. These are the principles that guide us in our decisions, with the aim of giving cat and dog owners the opportunity to feed their pets with the best quality.