Our commitment cannot and does not wish to be limited to the constant search for the very best product
Our responsibility goes beyond this and the growth of our company cannot fail to ensure the protection
and development of the now global context in which we work.
We intend to make a tangible contribution on different levels: from the choice of our suppliers to ensure the level of quality and success of our products is also the result of sustainable choices; to the
initiatives taken for the environment and solidarity, because attention paid to the consumer is part of a
more extensive process searching for wellness and the improvement of quality of life for the community.
All Sustainability and solidarity initiatives are developed according to a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.
The company has edited in 2016 its first Sustainability Report that is the not obligatory statement with which companies that would like to adopt a "socially responsible behavior" give, in a transparent way, an idea about the impact of their activities on the social and environmental context, explain their remuneration policy and their commitments to employees and provide information about relationship with customers and suppliers and so on.

To read the complete version of the Sustainability report click here.