Our company is increasingly engaged in acting as a "green company", protecting the environment for the future generations through a growing number of actions that are ever more tangible, transparent and easily-identified by customer. Our product packaging is created using recycled and recyclable materials or coming from controlled and regenerated forests.

Agras Pet Foods periodically checks its "footprints" in terms of CO2 equivalent emissions and also for 2017 it continues the collaboration with AzzeroCO2: the last project carried on with Agras Pet Foods’ help is about the production of biogas from wastewater in Thailand. Thanks to the code that you find on the back of the can outer carton packaging, below AzzeroCO2 logo, project is tracked and verifiable, in order to be completely transparent. Everyone could insert the code in the following web page, on the right side https://www.azzeroco2.it/compensation-through-renewables, to view our certificate.

Yearly, www.schesir.com website subscribes Zero Impact® Web project.
Although a lot of actions have been already done to reduce CO2 emissions, also Internet causes pollution. According to a Greenpeace report, with the actual growth rate, in 2020 data centers and telecommunication networks will consume about 2,000 billion kilowatt hours of electricity, more than triple of their current consumption. That is why we consider as necessary to support this important initiative.

Emissions caused by your visits to our website will be compensated through creation and protection of growing forests in Costa Rica.
A small action that helps creating awareness and helping the environment. And above all it allows you to browse these pages with confidence!