All the fish used for Schesir, Dreesy and ADOC products preparation come only from sustainable fisheries.

Tuna used is only bonito (Euthynnus affinis) and skipjack (Katsuwonus pelamis) as they are species not in over exploitation and not exposed to the overfishing risk. Thanks to the traceability, on all Schesir branded product packaging we show, in a transparent and verifiable way, tuna species used in each production lot.
These two species are not in over exploitation caused by intensive fishing methods as a lot of other species.

This commitment of Schesir for sustainable fishing is going to be communicated on the packagingof fish-based products with these symbols:

The Company has achieved Marine Stewarship Council (MSC) certification and some of our products have MSC logo on pack. Fish products which have MSC logo come from certified activities for sustainable fishing.
More information about MSC activities are available on

Codice: MSC-C-53030